Rolle’s playful catamaran: accessible to all, including people in wheelchairs



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“When I took the helm of the boat, I forgot that I was sitting in an electric wheelchair” Cédric S, freshwater sailor.

Do you have a particular disability? It’s welcome! Allowing you to overcome it is my challenge!

Rolle’s handivoile catamaran is funded by the Fribourg foundation Just For Smiles.

Sailing to the rhythm of the lake…

Thanks to Cerebral Vaud for the first images

… sailing when the lake is sporty!

For Who?

For everyone! The boat is certainly designed for people with disabilities, but it is really nice and it would be stupid not to enjoy it!

The catamaran can carry 6 people in addition to the skipper, 7 if 3 of them are under 12 years old: the total weight of the people on board and their accessories cannot exceed 600 kgs.

The skipper interacts with all crew members who wish to participate, but must sometimes be 100% available for the boat and therefore sailors who are not fully autonomous must be accompanied.

 Activities tailored to beneficiaries:

Sensitive listening to the environment

Wind direction and strength, boat movement, waves, sail propulsion, wildlife and observable human activities through visual, auditory, senit and even olfactory cues.

Global grip/motor skills

Tips, crank, possible movements on the boat and trampoline at the front, repechage of objects at sea, … beneficiaries are stretched to the maximum of their capacity

Dexterity/representation in space

Barrer (driving the boat), adjust the sails and choose the route of the boat. Participants are involved to the fullest! You can drive the boat in a traditional way “live”: bar on the right, the boat turns… Left! But you can also drive in an appropriate way: bar on the right, the boat turns… to the right!

How a session unfolds

The 2-hour session takes place if the weather is good.

We start by getting to know each other and equip ourselves with life jackets, then we go down to the dock and we embark on the catamaran via the bridge, accessible to the armchairs. we’re dropping the moorings!

We walk on the lake, visit the surrounding area and we can eventually dock and picnic in the natural harbour at Allaman.


The session costs 250 francs for 2 hours of navigation.

Meet us at the port of Rolle

Click here to access Google maps on your natel

A parking space is reserved for you just after the crane on the left voile handicap Rolle suisse handivoile, adaptée sport

We’ll equip ourselves with the life jackets before we go down to the dock!


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