To make it easier for you to "bar" Rolle's catamaran, a new system has been designed throughout the winter of 2018-2019. Success beyond my expectations!

Image: Vaud Cerebral.
Before, the only way to drive the catamaran was in the traditional way: bar on the right, the boat was spinning… Left! It was nice, but a lot of them were tangled up, and then you couldn't see much from behind…
Right after launching the boat in April, this is the first thing I set up to try!
now we are facing forward to drive, right bar, the boat turns right!
Corentin and a participant who can drive from his chair
The boat driving system is intuitive and easy!
… and surprise! Originally designed for seated people, it just so happens that the system works very well for standing children! Here at the fishing of ducks and plastic fish, we see much better what we do!

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